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We highly recommend Paxton NET2. It’s one of the industry recognised technologies in access control systems.


Why do Verstech recommend Paxton NET2 as one of the best Access Control Solutions?


Keys are a nightmare to keep track of in a workplace, you have to think about the front door, the office door, the cupboard doors. Then there is also the heating controller and alarm panel just to fuel the complications. What most people would agree is the worst though is when somebody loses their keys and you can expect to be spending your next few days changing locks and handing out new keys to all of your staff.

Paxton NET2 is an elegant security solution that integrates with most other systems and allows you to manage access including keyfobs, keycards or tokens or from a single central location. If you are in a building that makes it hard to cable, there is a wireless option to. The system is also very flexible and can be scaled to your needs.


The benefits of Paxton NET 2:


  • Amazing door access control that allow you to do things such as only allow users through doors at set times.

  • Works for disabled users with great hands free / long range.
  • Fantastic security, lift & fire integration.
  • Easily log employees working times with a timeclock feature.
  • Works well with CCTV.
  • Paxton NET2 knows when a building has someone in it and when it doesn’t, and can turn the heating on/off accordingly.
  • Automatic number plate recognition and car parking security solutions.
  • As one of the best access control solutions out there, Paxton NET2 can do plenty more for your business security!

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