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This just in! A new way of keeping the riff-raff out!

Verstech is thrilled to be an authorised installer of Paxton NET2 – an elegant approach to access control systems. These networked systems give you central access control for your building. Easily note and report events and flexibly control who can enter your premises. Better yet, each control unit can be autonomous. Despite being part of your network they can independently make their own decisions. Which means they can also remember events. For the most part, that might be a lot to digest but this innovation is simply a reinterpretation on the lock and key.


Yes, you read that right.

Keys can be lost, stolen and copied – which can leave your assets vulnerable. When the safety of your business is at stake, you shouldn’t have to choose between chance or changing the locks. In this economy, every penny counts and that shouldn’t go to pot because Pete lost his key on a night out.

With our sophisticated access control systems, your building’s physical security goes digital. Easily avert disaster and restrict individual access privileges via your network. This way, you can effectively nullify that missing key. Boom. Crisis averted. It’s funny how such a small thing has the potential to cause so much devastation. But with the Paxton NET 2 you needn’t worry about it falling into the wrong hands.

Your lock and key just got an upgrade.

Using keyfobs, keycards or tokens your staff can access the main entrance. However, you can grant privileged access and allow certain staff into restricted areas. Better yet, you can track and disable access after-hours – meaning no one can sneak into the building when they shouldn’t be there!

What if . . .

An intruder’s gained access to the premises. Pete still hasn’t noticed his keycard’s missing as he’s concerned with the dodgy kebab he had last night. Time is of the essence and the intruder is quickly making their way to your valuable assets. Don’t fret. With the Paxton NET2, you can easily isolate the break-in and track their movements. Plus, you can cut off access at any given time and point in your building. It’s a bit like the board game Mouse Trap, only this time they’re not getting away with your cheese.

Access control systems are especially effective when paired with CCTV. If you’re interested in this, Verstech also provide these security services!

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