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At Verstech we work with Vodafone and o2 networks to provide outstanding mobile broadband. Through them, we also host a range of data plans. However, when it comes to mobile broadband, there are various advantages. It not only makes for a great back-up for conventional broadband, it makes for a great alternative. Given its unlimited potential, we may one day see it eclipse conventional broadband.

Affordable Short-term Contracts

Unlike landlines, mobile broadband offers short-term contracts. This pay as you go broadband is extremely cost-competitive. Better yet, it’s cheap to use – provided you’re not burning through 100gbs of data per month. If you are an intense power user then you might find mobile broadband to be quite expensive – if you’re on the wrong plan. This obviously comes down to your internet practices and what you use it for. We recommend using mobile broadband as a back-up for your landline or for when you’re on the move. However, we operate with Vodafone and o2 networks who implement data caps. These not only prevent you from going over your plan but can also track how much bandwidth you use in a given month. There are also apps which can help you gauge whether specific apps are more data-hungry. Better yet, unlike public WiFi, mobile broadband is data encrypted. So you needn’t worry about data interception.


Economical Installations

The fortunate thing about this form of broadband is the lack of a landline. If you’re a student who’s recently moved into a property in need of a phone line installation, hold your horses! These can cost up to £130 – which is a crazy upfront investment for a property that isn’t yours. Worse yet, it can take days – if not weeks – for your installation to be finalised, let alone carried out. However, if you opt for mobile broadband you could not only pay £130 for a years’ worth of data but access it the same day! Although that’s depending on the package, of course. Plus, alongside significantly lower set-up costs, the dongle is yours to keep when you move. Conversely, if you’re in possession of a landline, you might have found you’re reaching for your mobile more instead of your landline. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many households seldom use landline telephones. Most simply have them in place to accommodate their broadband.


Need for Speed?

Ordinarily, speed and consistent connections are not something mobile broadband packages can guarantee. However, depending on your location and network load, mobile broadband has vastly improved. If you’re in a static location that has a strong 4G connection, then you will have a strong and stable connection. However, if you are on the move, your connection might prove intermittent. This is especially the case in some rural areas due to the lack of signal strength. In this regard, mobile broadband tends to vary among users. If you live out in the sticks, it might not be the best choice. However, it could make for an ideal back-up should your conventional option fail. Bear in mind that most mobile phones already have a data plan that you can access. Smartphones can become a portable hotspot – offering fibre speeds without the wires!



Mobile broadband uses a dongle to connect to the internet. These dongles house a SIM card which has a mobile number associated with it to connect to a mobile network. When connecting to the dongle, it will typically require a power source to work. However, in most cases, this can be a simple USB connection. Once active, multiple devices should be able to connect to the dongle via a WiFI connection. Most modern cars come with inbuilt dongles that accept SIM cards. These can make for handy entertainment for little ones of long drives or for those working on the move. Portability is perhaps the quintessential advantage of mobile broadband.


VoIP Support

Whilst mobile broadband can support VoIP, it’s wholly dependent on your connection. Such as its latency and speed. However, in our experience, it works very well. On the odd occasion, we have noticed VoIP can get choppy but this is not the norm. In fact, in some cases, mobile broadband has negated the need for a physical telephone full stop! We do recommend capping your data, however, as VoIP can prove quite data-hungry. Yet a data cap is a simple way of remedying this.


Mobile Broadband Services

Stay connected on the move with mobile broadband.

Through Vodafone and o2, Verstech delivers secure mobile broadband. We’re on hand to help you thrive and stay more connected than ever. Future proof your business today with a helpful alternative to conventional broadband.

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