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In the past, Dorset was pretty hit and miss when it came to reliable connections. This proved tough for businesses who needed crystal-clear contact with their clients. Worse still, it would have proved a nightmare given the year we’ve had. Picture trying to keep in contact with friends, family and colleagues throughout lockdown.


Fortunately, Dorset pushed ahead with digital advancements just in time. This paved the way for technology services companies like us to lend a helping hand.


We are among Dorset’s leading local broadband providers. Unlike some providers, we offer short-term contracts and won’t leave you on the phone for 2 hours. Our unrivalled UK Technical Support even assigns you with your very own Named Account Manager. This way, we can retain that personal touch with our customers in the digital age.


Broadband that means business

Verstech is well connected. Our reliability not only proves perfect for us but you too. We offer the best web experiences for businesses and those working from home too. So whether you’re browsing, streaming or simply keeping in touch with clients, know that we’re here for you. Using our state-of-the-art applications, we offer the following range of packages:


  • (ADSL) Business Broadband
  • (FTTC) Business Fibre
  • (FTTP) Ultrafast Business Broadband
  • (G.Fast) Ultrafast Business Broadband


What’s Superfast Dorset?

Before we delve into superfast Dorset, we should differentiate between BT and Openreach. Despite both belonging to the BT Group, both operate independently. Openreach owns the physical cables, whereas BT acts as a broadband provider. As a result of an OFCOM intervention, consumers are unable to buy direct anymore. This decision opened up the broadband market for a fairer experience for customers. It also prompted competitive services and opportunities for customers too.


Superfast Dorset is a partnership between BT Group, the UK Government and Dorset Council. After BT Group’s rollout of fibre-optic broadband, it had hoped to supply 100% of Dorset with “superfast” broadband coverage by 2020. The project aimed to prepare Dorset for a more digital future. This would allow our county to flourish both socially and economically. The standard they’re now working towards is 30mbps – which is great for multi-user downloading and streaming.

However, 2020 has been quite the year with some pretty hefty restrictions. Some rural areas may sadly never receive this standard of superfast broadband. That’s because of BT Group’s investment in certain areas, such as postcodes spread over large distances – like farmlands or countryside. So far, superfast Dorset has achieved 97.3% of its goal.

With that said, if you have speeds of 24mbps or more, you already have superfast broadband!


Dorset Broadband Installers

At Verstech, we deliver secure and stable broadband for those living in Dorset. With us, you’ll never need to worry about extensive downtime again. Sure, accidents happen and that road worker will inevitably cut through that cable – but we can get on top of other issues before you even notice there’s a problem. And if you do? Simply get on the phone to your personal Named Account Manager. We’re on hand to help you thrive and stay more connected than ever. Future proof your business today.

Stay connected with Verstech’s broadband.

Want to learn more about our awesome Broadband Dorset services? Give us a call on 01202 237374 and speak to one of our friendly experts today! You can also use the contact form below.

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