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We were asked to provide a broadband solution on this outdoor park in Maidstone, Kent. We worked with Openreach to understand what the options were and resolved to provide a 4G SIM to provide internet access to support the business.

Lack of Capacity

Whilst there was already telephone cabling into the building, this was operating at max capacity [although FTTC was available]. In a lot of buildings, especially where there have been many changes over the years, the number of telephone lines the incoming cabling can support can be limited. We instructed Openreach to survey and to understand the costs, scope and timings of installing additional capacity. Unfortunately, the timespans on this work did not meet the client’s needs.

4G Service

Through Digital Wholesale Solutions, we have access to both O2 and Vodafone’s networks. We surveyed the site and provided a Vodafone 4G SIM along with a router for the need. Due to flexible data allowances, it means that the customer can scale up and down their data usage, eliminating any charges for exceeding data allowances. During our survey, we ascertained the best position on the site for the 4G Router and avoided the need for an unsightly external aerial.

Making 4G Enterprise

Most people think of 4G as a home solution, but it has a place in the Enterprise too – where data usage is low, and fixed line services are not available, we turn to 4G and Satellite solutions where they can be made to work. In this case, we provided an Enterprise Class 4G Router, that provides its own monitoring of data usage and line stability. This ensures that the connection remains online throughout periods of change in weather and conditions..

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