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We provide Voice Over IP, a Cloud Based Active Directory Windows Server, FTTC Broadband and ongoing support to this independent restaurant on the Barton On Sea Cliff Top. We migrated them away from onsite services into a complete cloud model, ensuring that they are always up to date with security patches and have no requirement to replace server infrastructure.

We try to look to all areas of a business, and over many years we’ve worked with them to ensure that as the business evolves, their technology evolves with them. Indeed, for this client, we’ve also been able to open new markets for them to exploit, such as direct ‘off-sales’ of wine through e-commerce. We also worked with our sister company, Unity3, to provide end-to-end gift voucher sales and fulfilment paths.

cloud based windows server

The client previously had an onsite Small Business Server, providing file storage and authentication services to local users. This had proved to be a pain point; there was no space to provide a proper facility onsite for locating this server and it was continually unplugged or turned off by staff using the same area. The backup process also involved users having to remember to change hard drives around and take them offsite.

We migrated their existing Active Directory Domain into our CONNECT Cloud platform, ensuring that it’s now in a safe, secure (& hug friendly!) environment, will never need replacing and is happily backed up without any manual intervention.

new telephones

The restaurant had previously had an ISDN2E based Nortel system, with handsets. This system was no longer fitting the restaurants needs, as the number of extensions required had outstripped the capability of the system. We replaced the system with our Connect Voice system, meaning the restaurant now has a platform that can scale up or down depending on business need.

Which has not only substantially reduced monthly costs, it also meant that the business now has an unlimited number of incoming and outgoing channels, IVR/Auto Attendant functionality on the main incoming line ensuring calls can be diverted to the relevant departments and has voicemail to email for key staff.

ongoing support

As we always say, we don’t pigeonhole our clients into the 9-5 model. For a hospitality business, where most of its trade takes place outside of 9-5, it is very important to have the support when they need it. Providing support 24/7/365 is expensive, so we worked with the client to identify core support hours in their Managed IT Service Contract and helped them educate their users as to the differences between critical issues and issues that can wait until normal business hours. By doing this, we were able to reduce the cost of out of hours support.

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