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Levenes are a firm of Personal Injury Solicitors based in both Birmingham and London. Levenes came to us wanting a new site which would be modern, up to date, and could be used across multiple languages. They also wanted to be able to maintain the content on the site themselves. Levenes were running too sites at the time, levenes.co.uk and levenes.uk which needed amalgamating too as it was very confusing to the end user. The website needed to be responsive to work across a range of devices in different languages.

Our Process

From the initial meeting we took Levene’s requirement and discussed different options of how the site could be setup to allow self-management and support the multiple languages. Levenes had some experience in house using WordPress already. We also migrated their current sites away from the hosting provider they were using and provided temporary hosting whilst the new sites were being built so that they didn’t have to renew hosting for another year with their previous hosting supplier.

The Design

Levenes wanted something Fresh, Modern and visually appealing to their audience but in keeping with their corporate logo. We created wireframe designs so that Levenes could get a feel for how the content was going to be displayed and to start to give a bit of a feel to how the site would look.

Once the wireframes had been signed off, we then focused on producing a mock up of the homepage to get an idea of the style so that Levenes could get a visual representation of what the site would look like.

The end product

Levenes has ended up with a site which has a fresh, modern feel, which they can update themselves. They have also ended up with the multiple language sites which were required which in the end have been built as separate micro sites as the content on them needed to be different in each language to appeal to the specific language audiences.

You can see the Levenes site at www.levenes.co.uk

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