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The Brief

DA GT Ltd have a range of café’s across the UK and required websites for each of their sites which incorporated a standard feel across them all. They also required a logo developing for one of their sites. The websites were to be clean, be able to work with each different logo for each different café and work with the colour branding guidelines for each café site. They wanted to produce a site where the menu could be updated internally easily and was responsive to work across multiple devices.

The Process

The Logo

With regards to the logo, we asked for a mood board of images which they liked from other café’s so that we could get an idea of the style which DA GT liked.

The Website

We spoke with DA GT about other sites that they liked and took ideas from these to produce wire frames. Once the wireframes had been produced DA GT could see how the content would be laid out on each page. We then built a drag and drop custom menu plugin which could be used across all sites so that the menu could easily be updated from within the CMS. Once the wireframes were signed off we were able to add colour and imagery to the site.

The Design

The Logo

We quickly developed a range of logos for this specific site which took into account the local surroundings and the mood board ideas. The client identified a logo which they likes and tweaks were asked for in multiple colours. Once more there were some further colour amendments before a final logo was decided upon.

The Website

Once the wireframe designs had been signed off, we were able to start adding colour, imagery and content to the site. We produced screen designs in Adobe XD which gave the client a view of what the site would look like before the build took place.

The End Product

The client ended up with a set of sites, each with their own branding, site specific content, which are clearly all part of the DA GT family. Each site took into consideration the strict brand guidelines and most importantly met all of the client’s requirements.

All the sites can be viewed at: www.bedgeburycafe.co.uk | www.beechenhurstcafe.co.uk | www.aliceholtcafe.co.uk | www.moteparkcafe.co.uk | www.cobtreecafe.co.uk

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