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Shared Internet & CCTV Bournemouth

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The client was newly occupying a farmhouse and associated warehouse buildings on a farm in Dorset. Due to the remoteness of the location, they required CCTV and network connectivity throughout the various parts of the site. They also required Voice Over IP, to allow their landlines to work on any part of the site.

Voice & Wireless

We provided a UniFi Wireless solution, with several wireless points across the various buildings, ensuring that WiFi was available throughout the site. This has allowed us to segregate different users across the site into different wireless networks, ensuring that devices that are only allowed to be accessed by certain users (such as network printers)

We also provided Verstech Connect Voice to this client, as they had a requirement for a few different inbound numbers for different customers, and for calls to be able to be transferred between the house and office spaces. We provided both Yealink W52 and Yealink T42 handsets, where the office staff have a fixed desk phone and in the warehouses, DECT phones are provided to allow staff to walk to see stock on shelves, etc.


Due to the size of the site, we provided a 32 Channel HIKVISION IP Controller with around 28 cameras at various points. This allows the customer to take advantage of additional technology enhancements, such as PTZ cameras and ANPR, automatically logging number plates that have entered the site. Technology such as ANPR can also be helpful when needing to involve police, as it captures both the number plates, but also the exact time and date that a vehicle entered and left the premises.

Structured Cabling

As the warehouses were of new construction, we ensured that multimode fibre optic connectivity was installed between the main farmhouse and the warehouses. We then ran the necessary cabling round the inside (where feasible, without damaging internal finishes) and outside of the building for network infrastructure and CCTV.

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