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It is always a bit of a pain – you want to put internal security on the building. Access Control on all the doors. Done. But then you spot that the lift opens into the middle of the office, bypassing all your security systems.
Fortunately, Paxton were able to provide us with a working solution that addressed this need. By having a reader inside the lift cart – the floor buttons no longer work, until you present a valid fob. That means, unless you are allowed in, the lift will not even go to the floor! Pretty cool, huh?
While we were at it, we also installed Paxton NET2 Access Control Units (ACUs) on the front and rear doors, and PaxLock Pro units on several internal doors. Paxton’s Air locks are ideal in these circumstances – saving time and cost in installation.

Securing the Lift

We worked with the lift maintainers to install the necessary cabling into the lift shaft, meaning it meets the safety standards required. We then bolted in the Paxton reader, and connected up the NET2 IO Board. While we were at it, we also installed a CCTV camera inside the lift cart – because hey, why not?

Secure Doors

Having ascertained that the front doors of this office building were beyond repair, we worked with Security Care to replace the external door on this building. They designed and fitted a custom mag lock commissioned door, where the magnetic locks are an integral part of the frame installation.

Centralised Control

This client uses Paxton on several sites across the UK, so we have moved their Paxton server into our secure cloud hosted Paxton environment. That means there is no Paxton equipment sat getting dusty under somebody’s desk, and it means it’s always available. It also means they can now use the Paxton Apps, making managing their access control on the move a breeze.

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