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The Brief

This client came to us with the requirement for a web application for tablet devices which could be used in a POS stand in private hospitals around the UK to capture leads for their UK call centre. The application had to be designed in line with Spire branding whilst incorporating the client’s brand and be easy to use to engage users to contact them for a quote. The web application needed to be able to carry on if offline and submit captured information to a CRM system.

Our Process

Working with the client and partners, we worked through the information which needed to be collected, and designed a process which would be easy for an end user to follow and submit their information. We had to work with an external CRM team as well to ensure that the leads that were captured were automatically fed into the CRM. We suggested making use of Geo Location technology so that the tablets “knew” which location they were in, meaning that just one web application needed developing and used in multiple locations.

The Design

We worked with the client and partners design teams to design an application which had an easy to use interface, whilst also keeping within brand guidelines. Taking all of this into consideration our design team mocked something up showing the different screens which would be used in the application. Both the client and partners reviewed these screens and signed them off. We then designed the application and built it.

the end product

The result was absolutely stunning. The tablets were mounted in appropriate POS and locked down using specialist software and the way the application has been built allows for easy expansion to multiple sites.

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