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Shared Internet & CCTV Bournemouth

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From an existing BTNet Leased Line onsite, we were engaged to provide a method to securely share internet between multiple tenants on the premises. We also inherited a DAHUA BNC CCTV System, which the client wished to upgrade as well as adding new features like PTZ cameras.

Shared Internet

We worked with the client to understand their needs and potential for growth. We then used a Netgate PFSense firewall connected to the leased line to share the internet between the multiple tenants, allowing different speed profiles and restrictions to be placed on the connectivity on a user-by-user basis. This also meant that new tenants leaving or joining the building could be done without requiring an expensive onsite visit.

Secure Authentication

In these types of buildings, users move between floors and office spaces on a regular basis. We felt that having to repatch or reconfigure switching each time the building rearranged, would become an unmanageable headache very quickly. As a result, and to allow the biggest flexibility, we used PPPoE on this site, allowing each tenant to have their own router and configure their own profile, whilst being able to plugin anywhere in the building. Each user also gained a Static IP address of their own, thereby ensuring they could set up services as required.

CCTV Replacement

We replaced the existing DAHUA Controllers, with HIKVISION Hybrid Units. This allowed the existing cameras to remain in situ, whilst new cameras could be put in place with more advanced features, like the requirement for a Pan/Tilt/Zoom camera, that allows the operator to zoom in and move the camera to see certain actions taking place around the building. We also supplied a couple of Paxton NET2 Paxlock’s for this client at the same time, in reviewing and upgrading security throughout the building.

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