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Shared Internet – Exeter

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This client had newly purchased an office building in the centre of Exeter and required a flexible manged internet solution to support their own business and tenants operations. As well, as this Access Control was required to ensure the building was keyless and the landlord was aware of entry into the building, irrespective of time of day (as they have access 24/7). Alongside the main works, we also provided a SONOS sound system in a social space, and an AV solution for the building’s conference suite.

Whilst the building already had CAT5 structured cabling throughout, it became very apparent that this was end of life, having been installed in the early 1990s and would be unlikely to support 1Gbps speeds that the client required. We engaged Virgin Media to install a 1Gbps leased line, able to support the needs of every tenant, without them having to have their own services installed. Additionally, as there were several Paxton NET2 units already in the building, we decided to extend this to provide access control across the site. Whilst on site, we also installed a HIKVISION IP CCTV system to provide recording of the public areas of the site.

Internet Access

We engaged a third-party cabling company, who installed a fibre backbone and edge rack to each floor of the building, and CAT6 structured cabling to support Ruckus Wireless APs. Using a Netgate PFSense firewall, we’re able to provide a number of different options to tenants – from a fully managed wireless network throughout the building, down to an ‘uplink’, where the tenant has their own router and is able to provide their own firewall setup. Some tenants use their own site to site VPNs or other services, and therefore this flexible and adaptable model suits everybody. As well as this, speed limited Public WiFi is available throughout the building including social and shared spaces.

Access Control

We worked with a local security firm to install Paxton NET2 across the site, on all doors that tenants had access to. This ensures that no keys are ever given out to tenants, meaning the landlord from a single terminal, can control every door. Additionally, due to the layout of the building, where tenants had decided to occupy whole floors, access control was also required to control the lift. We used a Paxton I/O Board and an additional Net2 Reader to only activate the buttons the user could have access to. This ensured that unless an authorised token was presented the lift would not go to the floor. A CCTV camera was also installed inside the lift cart at the same time.


In one of the buildings social spaces, we fitted a SONOS & Wall Mounted iPad system, to allow users to choose the music they wished to listen to. As this is a flexible space, this was done with 4 wall mounted SONOS Play 1 Units, which allow different music and volumes on each speaker thereby ensuring the audio system can adjust to the different uses and needs of the space.
We also fitted an AV system, utilising an existing 4K projector. We provided the ability to ‘plug in’ a laptop with HDMI/VGA, but also cast your screen to an Apple TV and Google Chromecast, which allows users on Windows, MacOS, Android and iPhone/iPad devices to wirelessly connect to the presentation system. This allows a great deal of flexibility in a conference space that is rented out.

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