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Getting reliable CCTV in the workplace could not be simpler when you choose Verstech for your IT Solutions. Why do you need an IT company to help with your security devices? When you think about modern CCTV cameras they are just another device that talks to your PC like a wireless printer. We can install, set up and commission your security devices as part of your overall network and make sure it talks to your other devices.

What you’ll you need to get started to have CCTV in the workplace:


  • An NVR (Network Video Recorder) Or DVR (Digital Video Recorder) or for a hybrid that combines them both go for a hybrid NVR
  • A decent internet connection so you can remotely view.
  • Cabling
  • An expert from Verstech to make everything talk to eachother.
  • Cameras obviously!


Other things to think about:


  • NVR OR DVR? It’s important to think about what kind of technology you want in your camera system. Modern IP technology or the older DVR technology that is still widely used across a lot of businesses? IP comes at a higher cost but offers much better image quality and other features such as ANPR.
  • The Storage. How high do you want the quality to be when your store the recording and how long do you want to hold them for?


CCTV Systems.

Perhaps the most commonly known business security system, CCTV services from Verstech have just what you need to get your camera talking to your devices. All you need are a few basics to get going and we can do the rest. These basics include cabling, a decent internet connection and the cameras themselves of course!

Want to learn more about our awesome cctv in the workplace solutions? Give us a call on 01202 237374 and speak to one of our friendly experts today! You can also use the contact form below.

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