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Innovative, flexible and bespoke – is how we would describe our CCTV solutions.

Whether you want CCTV fitted into your business or home, our gurus can kit it out to meet your requirements. If you’re undecided on what you’d like from your investment, simply reach out for a consultancy. Our team would be happy to offer our opinions. If you already know what you’d like, please take a second to reconsider the following elements.

Technology – Cabling – Internet Connection – Camera – Installation

CCTV has become a modern fixture for businesses in recent years. It was only a matter of time before households began integrating such security. Especially given how commercially viable CCTV solutions have since become. If you’re a homeowner, you might not need to make such a splash on your property (although we would still recommend a vandal-proof camera)!

So why would you choose to go with an IT company like Verstech over a specialist security company? Well, if you think about it, most CCTV solutions are specialist devices hooked to your network – and Verstech specialise in IT! It’s because of this that IT companies, are best placed to get the most out of any CCTV solutions. We’re much cheaper and our systems are much simpler to install. If you’ve got a network covering your building already, consider yourself in luck! We can make use of your existing cabling and get your system up and running on your own personal network. This makes for a much cheaper alternative to dozens of access control cables. What are you waiting for? Let us install and configure CCTV solutions that can talk to your other systems, today!


Which CCTV Technology?


Verstech offer these three options:


1.) A Network Video Recorder (NVR)


The future is now! NVRs are capable of accommodating IP or BNC cameras (more on that below). Whilst this tech is a trifle more expensive, it does allow for extensive future proofing.


2.) A Digital Video Recorder (DVR)


Who said old school isn’t cool? Many clients still utilise DVR as their chosen CCTV solution. Whilst it’s much cheaper than NVR, it does have less features. Image quality is considerably poorer and storage is less expansive. This is typically owing to spatial restrictions.

3.) A hybrid NVR


Get the best of both worlds with a hybrid. Despite lacking features, you can use older BNC cameras alongside newer IP cameras. Plus, should you decide to build your CCTV setup later on, it’s adaptable. A lot of the video recorders we fit allow for additional storage at a later date.


What cables will you use for your CCTV solutions?


When it comes to cabling, we understand. Most are somewhat laissez-faire about the whole ordeal. After all, at the end of the day, all that matters to you is whether your cameras are powered up and transmitting. So, do you really care that you can use CAT5e or CAT6/CAT6a cable specification for both IP and BNC installs? There’s durability and speed concerns but you should really consider one key factor – configuration. If you’re using older BNC cameras, you’re going to need some adapters and a separate power supply for the cameras.


Internet Connection


Going on holiday but worried about the state of your home or business? Rest easy. The internet is your friend. Thanks to simple mobile and computer apps, you can remotely access your cameras on the move. The only downside is that older tech will struggle to connect unless you invest in an adapter. Either way, I think we can all agree that remote viewing is pretty cool!




Your chosen Video Recorder will influence what cameras you can use. There are plenty of cameras available, so you need to think of what would work best for you. Do you require something that can see long distances in the dark? Or maybe you need something that’s discrete with anti-vandal features? Nowadays, most cameras straddle this divide. However, to break it down into simpler terms, we’ll begin with the basics: would you like an IP or a BNC camera?


IP Camera


An Internet Protocol (IP) Camera sends and receives image data via an IP network. Unlike analogue solutions, they don’t rely on a local recording device – only a local area network (LAN). With this said, we recommend support from a central network video recorder (NVR). This way, you elevate network strain whilst balancing the alarm and recording management.


BNC Camera


A Bayonet Neill-Concelman connector is industry standard. Easily connect older or newer-styled BNC cameras to existing cables. Although in some cases you might need an adapter for these analogue cameras. Newer BNC cameras are even capable of delivering high definition images. Which is a much cheaper alternative to expensive digital cameras!




Our team are more than happy to supply and install your CCTV solutions. We can do this at any stage – so if you’ve had a crack at the installation and something’s not quite working out, don’t worry! At Versetech, we’re well-versed in all things tech, and will be able to get your cameras up and running in no time!

Want to learn more about our awesome cctv solutions? Give us a call on 01202 237374 and speak to one of our friendly experts today! You can also use the contact form below.

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