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We think our customers are pretty special people, and as a result, we’ve got a Private Cloud especially for them!

That’s resources that are dedicated to our customers rather than shared between 1000s of people. This has the great advantage that each server gets personally hugged by our team every day, to keep it happy and performing well (no charge for hugs).

Within our private cloud, we’ve built solutions for any number of computing needs, without the pain and security risk of onsite servers:

Secure Working

Every organisation has an obligation to protect information under GDPR; but how can you be sure that an employee isn’t going to plug in a USB stick and download your customers address details? With Secure Working on the Private Cloud, no data is ever physically on your premises, and therefore is not at risk of internal electronic theft. Securely Connecting to your own infrastructure elsewhere, using VPN technology, means that your environment is Secure. Sounds expensive, but you’ll never need to replace that server again. This also means you can have Thin Client Secure Terminals, so even if they were stolen, they’d be no good to anyone else.

This type of secure working starts from £69.99 + VAT per user, but it gets cheaper the more users you have. Get in touch today to discuss your secure working requirements.

Legacy Applications

Got that crusty old server in the corner, that’s still running that application from 1990 that you still need? With Physical to Virtual Conversion, we can bring your legacy application into the cloud without interrupting it; If it was designed to run on a legacy hardware, like an old MS-DOS system, it’s not a problem – we can emulate this in our cloud, ensuring that it carries on for many years to come, whilst being backed up and lovingly cared for by our team!

Remote Working

Got users needing to work remotely, but worried about them losing their laptops? More than ever this is becoming a major concern; employees don’t want to drag staff to the office – they are often more productive at home. With Remote Working on Private Cloud, your users use Remote Desktop technology to connect to the office resources.

That means, whilst they can work from anywhere, their laptop can be lost without any risk to your data or customers. Including Office 365, Sharepoint and Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook, these types of solutions start from £69.99 + VAT per user per month. Sounds expensive? You’ll never need to replace that server again.

This is just an example of use cases; really; how long’s a piece of string? Across the board, our Private Cloud can be used to provide any specific resources, from an Active Directory setup to an intranet server, all delivered with our care and attention. Contact Us to find out more.

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