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Our Internet Access Service holds the unique proposition that it’s a “all encompassing” approach. Leased lines, fixed line broadband, mobile and satellite, all on one bill across multiple locations – peeeeerfect.

The biggest pain point we see in UK Internet Access is the disparity between different areas and their capabilities. In some places, you can get Ultrafast Broadband for £50 a month, in others, you’re lucky to get a satellite connection for £200 a month.

And that’s where we come in, using Openreach, O2, Vodafone and TooWay Satellite networks, we’ll strive to deliver the best possible bandwidth at the best possible price, wherever you are, all managed from our sunny Poole office, often meaning we know about problems and address them before you even notice. Sometimes the right solution is a mix e.g. satellite or mobile to deal with high bandwidth applications like CCTV mixed with ADSL to provide business critical low bandwidth applications.

We’d be naïve if we said it never went wrong. Equipment fails, and physical issues happen too. The dumper truck that knocked over the overhead phone cable, the road resurfacing team that dig through your internet line. It does happen, but we know being online is business critical to almost every UK business. That’s why we don’t make you wait 2 hours in a phone queue – you get your own named Account Manager to contact. We’re able to also offer services like Resilience Option 2 from Openreach, meaning 2 separate fibre lines with independent ducting and network design that removes single points of failure. We can help you review the risks and costs involved in every solution, to ensure that it might be a critical situation, but never a fatal one.

On top of that, with more advanced networking monitoring, like the optional Proactive Heartbeat Service, we know within minutes not only if your connection has failed, but if your network is offline too.

Advantages of our internet services:

UK Based Support

We’re based near the sunny beaches of Poole.

One single bill

We put all your services with us on one detailed bill.

All invoices in one place

You can download all your previous invoices from our online portal. We can give multiple users in your organisation access if required.

Online portal

View all of your recurring services with us in one online, easy to access portal.

Our Internet Services

Fixed Line Broadband

We can offer ADSL, FTTC, FTTP and G.Fast

Mobile Broadband

We offer mobile broadband SIM’s and equipment required if necessary

Satellite Broadband

We can help you get internet to the remotest parts of the UK – in a forest? No sweat.

Leased Line

Providing a dedicated bandwidth directly to your premises.

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