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Broadband, by OFCOM’s definition, is:

“a way of connecting to the internet. It allows information to be carried at high speed to your personal computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, smart TV or other web-enabled device.

From satellite to mobile, to fixed-line broadband, there’s numerous technologies and solutions in getting that high-speed connection to you. For fixed broadband (i.e: down a cable), as an OFCOM Registered Communications Provider and Internet Service Provider (ISP), we’re able to offer four different types of fixed-line broadband technologies over BT/Openreach’s UK Network.

Why don’t I just go buy direct from BT?

“BT” and “Openreach”, whilst they are both part of BT Group, operate very separately. Openreach own the physical cables, the telephone exchanges and the service network. As a result of an OFCOM decision, the Openreach division of BT treats BT Retail (who you buy from) the same as any other reseller, including us. As a result, you can’t buy “direct” anymore; but on the upside, that also means, we’re able to offer our unique service promise and expertise to any of your broadband needs.

But XYZ/Another ISP is £5 a month cheaper than you…

Of course, It’s the same phone line coming into your house or office. But no two broadband services are created equal. As an example, compared to BT Retail, we’re able to offer short term contracts (from 30 days), with Unrivalled UK Support and a Named Account Manager. That of course, comes at a cost – XYZ might be £5 cheaper a month, but that £5 isn’t a lot of money when you’re stuck in a premium rate phone queue for 2 hours before somebody tells you to switch your router on and off three times. By providing UK Technical Support and a Named Account Manager to you, it means you might pay a little more for the service, but it means somebody’s always there for you.

But I want Superfast Broadband and you say I can’t have it.

There’s a caveat to this. Openreach’s data isn’t always 100% accurate, especially in rural areas where postcodes can spread over large distances (in some cases multiple exchanges!). If you think you should be able to get Superfast Broadband, and our checker says you can’t, get in touch with us.

Like all ISPs, we’re beholden to Openreach’s decisions on investment in certain areas, and some areas, sadly, will never receive Superfast Broadband. Openreach is a commercial business and investing in faster internet for a certain area means that they need to get a return; external investment is often needed. We’re happy, however, to help Community Broadband Partnerships in finding a way forward.

Our business broadband packages:

Our Business Broadband Packages

All come with unlimited Data Usage and available from £19.50 + VAT per month.

Our Business Fibre packages

All come with unlimited Data Usage and available from £42.50 + VAT per month.

Our Ultrafast Business broadband packages

All come with unlimited Data Usage and download speeds up up to 330Mbps.

our ultrafast business broadband packages

All come with unlimited Data Usage and available from £42.50 + VAT per month.

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