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ADSL, or Asymmetric digital subscriber line, is a form of internet access technology that provides a data capability over your existing copper phone line.

This is a copper connection all the way from your property to the local BT/Openreach Exchange. That’s the boring bit over!

On a basic level, if it’s available to you, it’s generally the cheapest way of getting broadband into your home or business, but it’s not necessarily the highest speed available; and certainly for business use, we’d only recommend ADSL when Superfast or Ultrafast Broadband are not available.

In the UK, ADSL is available up to 24Mbps, depending on what your local BT/Openreach Exchange is capable of, and how long the cable between you and your Exchange is. We’ve seen cases where, despite being literately next door to an exchange, the phone line is over a mile long, taking a rather more roundabout route. The speed you get can also be affected by the quality of the cabling, both inside and outside your property – the extension lead that got damaged by the builder could be causing a speed drop.

We can also do the full range of special services, like Care Level 4 – where if there’s a fault on the copper phone line delivering your internet, Openreach work to a 6-hour fix time, 24x7x365 for just £5 (+VAT) a month! Not bad, hey?

Packages available:

All of our fixed line broadband services are provided with unlimited data use – we don’t believe in capping.

We include a basic router with WiFi in all our services, but if you’ve got a more complicated requirement (like Internet Access throughout a 6 storey building), why not talk to us about our Networking Services, where we can create a bespoke solution for you?

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