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G.Fast, GFast or Ultrafast Fibre is available to a limited number of homes and businesses in the UK; it’s effectively only available to about 1 million premises.

It still uses the copper line for the last bit of the journey between the roadside cabinet and your office, but in this case, on current specifications, it’s only ever going to be available to properties within 500m of the local cabinet.

If’s it available to you, fab. If it’s not, it’s not likely to ever be, as Openreach are scaling back rolling out in favour of full, Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) Ultrafast Broadband. Like, Superfast Fibre Broadband, there’s fibre optic cable between your local exchange, and your nearest roadside cabinet. That means the copper signal (which degrades rapidly) over distance, only comes from your local cabinet, not the further away exchange and usually gets you a better speed.

There we go, that’s the boring bit done. It’s very cost effective, with prices for 160Mbps of bandwidth starting from £40 + VAT a month and is a good bang for the buck. The speed you get can also be affected by the quality of the cabling, both inside and outside your property – the extension lead that got damaged by the builder could be causing a speed drop.

Packages available:

All of our fixed line broadband services are provided with unlimited data use – we don’t believe in capping.

We include a basic router with WiFi in all our services, but if you’ve got a more complicated requirement (like Internet Access throughout a 6 storey building), why not talk to us about our Networking Services, where we can create a bespoke solution for you?

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