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Fibre to the Premises, Fibre to the Home, or FTTP/FTTH – this is a true fibre circuit all the way between you and your local Openreach exchange. You don’t need a phone line either, and the speed doesn’t degrade over distance.

It’s the next generation of internet access, and whilst it’s currently only generally available with 160Mbps or 330Mbps of bandwidth, that will increase, as the cabling can support far higher bandwidth.

There we go, that’s the boring bit done. It’s very cost effective, with prices for 160Mbps of bandwidth starting from £50 + VAT a month and is a fantastic amount of bandwidth for not a lot of money. As it’s fibre optic cabling, you don’t suffer from poor household cabling either, and a lot of new build homes and offices are now being connected to Openreach’s Fibre network as standard.

Packages available:

All of our fixed line broadband services are provided with unlimited data use – we don’t believe in capping.

We include a basic router with WiFi in all our services, but if you’ve got a more complicated requirement (like Internet Access throughout a 6 storey building), why not talk to us about our Networking Services, where we can create a bespoke solution for you?

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