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Mobile broadband is a great option for internet access where traditional broadband or fibre broadband options aren’t available.

With very minimal setup costs, an extremely short set up time and short contract options, mobile broadband can provide a great alternative for temporary or backup internet where required.

We work with both the Vodafone and O2 networks to provide mobile broadband and can provide a whole host of data plans.

If you’re being told you’ve got good signal outside, but not in, we’ve got roof mounted aerials and other fancy toys to increase the signal inside your building.

Advantages of mobile broadband:

Quick to set up

We usually get a mobile broadband connection setup on the same day, failing that the next working day.

Extremely cost competitive

Mobile broadband is great from a cost perspective. It’s relatively cheap to install and use providing that you are not looking to burn through 100GB’s of data a month.

Fibre Speeds

Mobile broadband can offer you fibre speeds without the wires! It all depends on the signal strength, whether you’re getting 3G or 4G, and the network load, but in most areas, you can be sure to get a pretty good stable speed.


You can work from pretty much any location (we wouldn’t recommend the bath for obvious reasons). Sometimes you don’t even need a power socket!

Reliable backup connection

Sometimes traditional internet connections fail; it happens. Mobile broadband options are a great temporary backup and paired with the correct hardware can mean a seamless change from one connection to another in the event of a failure.

Support VoIP calls

Depending on the latency and speed where your connection is, you can use mobile broadband for a VoIP telephone unit. In our experience this works very well and, in some organisations, has negated the need for a physical telephone line full stop. Pretty awesome!

Disadvantages of mobile broadband:

Signal variances

If you’re trying to use the service in a densely populated area, mobile signal can really start to take a big impact.

Using excessive data

Mobile broadband is a great solution for minimal to average data use. It’s not the right service if you’re planning to run your data intensive server farm via it.

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