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The internet allows people in the remotest parts of the world communicate with each other.

The only problem is, when you live in one of the remotest parts, sometimes dial up seems like it might be a quicker option than broadband. Some people don’t even have a landline at all! Sadly, as providers must make a profit, they won’t come and install a load of new cabling to get you that whizzy internet connection; because they’ll never get the money back on the cost.

With that in mind Satellite internet is an option.

How does satellite internet work?

Very similar to Satellite television you will require a satellite dish on the side of your premises and cabling from this to inside your premises where your Satellite Modem will sit.

Are you eligible for a grant for
installing satellite?

As part of the Better Broadband Voucher Scheme ( you might be entitled to a grant for getting faster broadband. We can give you a helping hand in navigating the waters and helping you assess whether or not you’re eligible.

Advantages of satellite internet:

Broadband Speeds

Offering download speeds over 10megabits per second and upload speeds over 2 megabits per second.

Alternative when a fixed line isn’t available or won’t perform

Satellite internet is a great alternative when you have limited access to fixed line internet services.

Minimal setup costs

To get up and running with satellite all you need is a dish and a cable between this and the satellite modem.

Available virtually anywhere

It is perfect for those who want to enjoy internet service where the fixed line and mobile are not available.

Disadvantages of satellite internet:

Can be unreliable

For instance, weather conditions can affect the quality of your satellite connection, such as heavy rain or sun spots.

Data Limits

Data limits are very common with Satellite internet connections. You’ll find that once you hit your data limit, that providers slow you right down until your next allowance is available.

Can be expensive

Depending on what data limit that you require, satellite internet can be quite expensive if you use a lot of data. Again, probably not ideal for that data intensive server farm!

High Latency – Not great for Video Conferencing or Online Gaming

Just like on the news when you see the presenter communicating with a counterpart across the world, satellite internet carries the same latency issues. It’s great for downloading files or browsing the internet but not so great Video Conferencing or Online Gaming activities over the internet.

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