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Corporate Phone System Company in Bournemouth, Dorset

Voice Over IP. Delivering Voice over the Internet, basically. We’ve got two different products within our VoIP offering:

  • Verstech Connect Voice – which takes all the hassle out; no onsite phone system cluttering up the office!
  • SIP Trunking – which lets you keep your existing phone system, but leverage the power and reduced cost benefits of VoIP in house.

With 99.99% uptime, unlimited UK Landline and most mobile calls included (fair usage policy applies) and connected straight into BT Wholesale’s UK Network; it’s the voice service that won’t let you down.

I don’t get the difference?

Every office, from the smallest SME, used to have its own little telephone exchange commonly referred to as a PBX, or PABX, or a phone switch or that noisy box in the corner – all pretty much the same thing, but like lots of things in this industry, they have 20 different names. Usually these would be plugged into an ISDN line, or perhaps many ISDN lines…

So, with Hosted VoIP, that all goes – your desk phone plugs into your broadband network and all the ‘clever’ phone switching stuff happens in the cloud. You still control it, but it’s much cheaper, you don’t need to pay a bloke in a white jacket (looks like they’re coming to commit you) to turn up every so often and tweak it. Like for like, when your traditional telephone system had a 5-year lease, a maintenance agreement, phone line rentals and call charges on top, Hosted VoIP can reduce the cost by more than 50% (cor blimey governor).

With SIP Trunking, in some cases, it just replaces the ISDN lines. So, you get rid of your ISDN lines; and your incoming and outbound calls go over the internet, without any change of handsets/hardware. Like for like, with BT charging £26.00 per channel (without any calls), our SIP trunks are less than half the cost, with free calls too! But of course, as the price has decreased and the capabilities of Hosted VoIP has increased, the need to keep onsite phone systems have naturally decreased.

But my broadband is rubbish/I keep moving office/Yes, but…

We’ve not met a site yet where we couldn’t get stable VoIP running, over fixed line broadband, over mobile broadband and on other internet connections too – SIP trunking and Hosted VoIP needs the smallest amount of bandwidth (100Kb per user/trunk) so it’s possible in about 99.999999% of premises.

Our VoIP Services

Connect Voice

Our hosted Phone System with a whole host of enterprise, including an unlimited* inclusive minute allowance – all for £12.50 + VAT per user per month.

Connect SIP Trunk

Our SIP Trunks which include an unlimited* inclusive minute allowance – all for £12.50 + VAT per trunk per month. Integrate into your own PBX.

Connect 2Teams

New for 2020, – Enhance your Microsoft Teams platform by merging in your telephone system, giving you access to the public telephone network, alongside the existing Microsoft Teams features. From just £10.75 + VAT per user, including Unlimited UK Landline and Mobile Calls!

Can I sell this fantastic service to my customers?

Sure – we can operate both ways. Some prefer to introduce us to a customer, and then get a referral fee each month, others prefer to ‘own’ the customer relationship and bill their customers direct. Neither is a problem! We’ve worked with clients such as landlords of multi-tenanted buildings and others to get the right communication solution at fantastic value for money. Why not get in contact with us and find out more?

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