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What is CONNECT 2Teams?

New for 2020 – In November 2019, Microsoft announced that the amount of daily active users had doubled in less than 6 months, reaching 20 million, and they are showing no signs of slowing down with the launch of Business Voice.

Adding in to Office 365, CONNECT 2Teams provides users with access to the normal phone system alongside the existing Microsoft Teams functionality – a single Unified Communications Suite! Verstech CONNECT 2Teams works alongside the rest of the CONNECT Voice family, meaning the fantastic functionality of having desk phones and Teams, depending on users choice and location.

With COVID-19, we’ve seen the use of Teams skyrocket, and as businesses look to the future, with working from home expected to be a daily occurrence, there’s never been a better time to make your phone system work for you, instead of the other way round!

Key Benefits of CONNECT 2Teams

It’s simple, we provide a better calling service for our customers. We understand customers calling needs better than the IT giant, Microsoft. Not only can we provide all the features Microsoft lack but we provide MORE!

  • No need to pre-pay for calls
  • Call anywhere, anytime, with great VoIP calling rates
  • Flexible number presentation
  • Advanced call barring
  • Enhanced features
  • Working alongside our other Connect VOICE Products
  • Inclusive UK National and Mobile Calls

How CONNECT 2Teams works?

CONNECT 2Teams is offered in 2 parts: CONNECT 2Teams integration User License and a SIP Channel providing a concurrent call. For businesses who have very high call usage 1 channel per user would be advisable, for day to day business use 1 Channel per every 3 users is recommended.

CONNECT 2Teams 1:1

A dedicated channel for every user.

CONNECT 2Teams 1:3

Meets the needs of most businesses & offices.

Benefits Of CONNECT 2Teams

Unlimited* UK Landline
and Mobile Calls

With our Verstech’s CONNECT 2Teams, you enjoy peace of mind with free 01, 02, 03 and most 07 calls included per channel – making our product easier and lighter to budget.

*subject to fair usage policy – 5000 01/02/03 & 2000 07 minutes per trunk per month – although the policy is applied to all the trunks, so if you’ve got 10 trunks, that’s 50000 & 20000 for the whole account.
** pricing subject to VAT at prevailing rate
***calls to numbers classed by OFCOM as FM1, FM3, FM4, FM5 and FM6 – usually UK O2, EE, Vodafone and Three numbers.

Part of the Family

Works alongside our other CONNECT Voice products, With our desk phones, PC/Mobile client and now CONNECT 2Teams, it’s up to each user how they want to work, alongside the whole business phone system.

Numbers for every UK situation

Add inbound and outbound DDI numbers for UK Geographic, National and 03 numbers.

Configurable Portal

Don’t open a support call for changes – manage your users yourself. If you do need support our experienced team are just a phone call away.

Incredible uptime

With a 99.9% uptime rate – you can be sure that your phone system is there when you need ti to be.

Market Leading Disaster Recovery

It’s the worst time for any business, but things do go wrong. The building burns down, or a natural disaster prevents your staff getting to the office. But the show must go on (can’t beat a Queen reference); and with our Market Leading Disaster Recovery, your numbers can be forwarded to another line in a matter of seconds. It’s better to know you’re prepared and ready for the worst, rather than wait until it happens.

Set your own Caller ID

Subject to some checks on the number [making sure you’re not ringing out as Buckingham Palace or anything crafty like that], we can allow you to set your own outbound Caller ID.

Portable Phone Numbers

If you’re bringing numbers to us, no problem – we can port 95% of UK Numbers to our service. If you’re leaving us, if we’ve provided new numbers, they are provided by BT/Openreach so you can be sure you can migrate the service if your requirements change.

30 day rolling contract

Our SIP trunks come with a rolling 30-day contract. That means, if ever you need to cancel, you only give us a months’ notice – there’s no minimum term. Additionality, for short term service enhancements (like we need an extra 40 lines for 1 day), there’s no contract at all.

Single Bill

Like all our CONNECT services, it’s on one bill with everything else – might as well try and keep the beancounters happy! It makes it very easy and transparent to see your exact spend.

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