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Hosted means just that, your phone system hosted elsewhere. In this case, on BT Wholesale’s Nationwide Network.

VoIP is Voice over IP – that’s literately “digital phone lines” which are delivered to your desk (or your computer) via the internet; all you need is a good Internet Connection and you’re on your way. For VoIP use, you need a minimum of 100Kbps of bandwidth per user – so if you’re on a 20Mbps fibre line, you can support many users, but if you need help with your Internet Connectivity as well, have a look at our Internet Access Services.

Gone are the days of a leasing agreement for your phone system, a maintenance agreement and paying for ISDN lines on top, Hosted VoIP is much easier to manage, and you know what? It’s a lot cheaper too.

We’re mind-blowingly proud of our Hosted VoIP, because it really does offer everything, from a single SME who needs an extra phone number for their home office, through to a 2000 user call centre across 10+ sites. Not bad, eh?

Benefits of our Connect Voice platform:

It’s quick to get up and running

Often within a few hours

Unlimited Channels

stop being tied by the number of ISDN lines you have.

Unlimited UK Landline and Mobile Calls**

01,02,03 and most UK Mobile calls included free. **FUP

Extremely scaleable

Easily scale up or down as things change.

Numbers for every UK situation

inbound and outbound, UK Geographic, National and 03 numbers.

Configurable Portal

manage your users and call routing yourself. If you do need support our experienced team are just a phone call away.

Incredible uptime

a 99.9% uptime rate.

Market Leading Disaster Recovery

forward your calls elsewhere in seconds.

Set your own Caller ID

subject to some checks, we can allow you to set your own outbound Caller ID.

Portable Phone Numbers

we can port 95% of UK numbers.

Market leading warranty

1 year warranty as standard. Some of our manufacturers offer up to a 7 year warranty.

Flexible contract terms

from 30 days to 3 years!

Single Bill

across the CONNECT portfolio, it all comes on one bill.

Billing Portal

Set up alerts for expensive calls and export your call data to CSVs.

Some of the features of our Hosted VoIP Service

This is just a flavour; our Hosted VoIP can address most requirements. Get in touch!

Voicemail to email

Want to be able to get your Voicemail out of the office? No problem, have it emailed to you!

Call Barring

Want to restrict expensive, premium rate or 118 calls to some users? No problem.

Call Forwarding

Forward your calls to anyone, on a Time basis (at night our calls go to our service engineer) etc.

Available virtually anywhere

It is perfect for those who want to enjoy internet service where the fixed line and mobile are not available.

Call Recording

Tape your calls for quality, training or compliance purposes. Up to 7 years with a small extra charge.

Hot Desking

Our Hot Desking provision allows users to log on to the phone at any hot desk.

Call Queuing

Don’t want engaged tones? The system can queue with a friendly message until you become free.

Fax to Email

It might be dated… but you might need to get the odd fax still. This, sadly, has an extra charge.

Time of Day Routing

Want to route calls differently at lunchtime, or in the evenings? Not a problem.

Call Director

Desk Phone and 3 mobiles all ringing together? Easy, and we can make sure your mobile voicemail never answers too.

Multi Way Conferencing

Need to talk to numerous people at the same time? Easy peasy.

HD Quality Calling

Unrivalled high definition audio call quality.

Auto Attendant

Press 1 for X, Press 2 for Y – keep the load down on your reception team.

Multi site and home workers

Operate on different sites, or need home workers to be part of the phone system? Sorted.

Mobile & Desktop Applications

Your mobile phone can be part of the phone system, or your laptop, or your PC or your tablet.

Music on Hold

Want customers to hear your marketing messages or the office karaoke? Take your pick!

Hunt Groups

Call your operators one at a time in order, or call them all together, or set some rules to keep them on their toes!

Call Logs

Automated reporting – see if you’ve missed calls or who’s on the phone the most!

Call Centre

Want wallboards showing number of calls in the queue? Or something else?

Do Not Disturb

Need some quiet time? There’s a button for that, which makes sure your calls are handled elsewhere.

What handsets do you support?

We’ve got a fab range of handsets, from fancy pants Polycom conferencing units to basic Yealink Cordless phones.

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