Supported Devices

We support a great range of handsets, from entry level up to the executive office, cordless phones, and those creepy looking conference phones.

We’ve also got a cool little adapter called an ATA that means we can support legacy devices that need an analogue phone line (you know like that relic of a fax machine in the office, or perhaps the Bat phone). Not bad, eh?

We’ve also got a great range of accessories, from mono wired headsets to stereo cordless handsets, they allow you to carry on like you’re Sigourney Weaver in Alien… Don’t forget as well, with our Hosted VOIP service, you get the iOS, Android and Desktop Applications – and you can forward to a mobile at no cost. With the applications and forwarding, you don’t even need a physical phone to be part of the phone system.
This is just a reflection of the hardware we can support, and within it, there’s almost always a solution to meet almost any need. We can also offer training days, and other services, to make sure your new phone system hits the ground running and delivers ROI from day one. As far as your choice of hardware goes, it’s a toss up between them. Some prefer the look of the Polycom range, others prefer the ingenuity of the Yealink ranges; really, it’s up to you and that’s why we support both.

If you’re confused about what you need, no problem? Get in touch and we can talk you through the options.


Unified communication on the desktop

Yealink T42

Entry level desk phone.

Yealink T46

Mid range desk phone.

Yealink T48

Executive Desk Phone

Yealink W52

Entry level DECT phone.

Yealink W60

Executive DECT Phone

Polycom VVX 301

Entry level desk phone.

Polycom VVX 411

Mid level Desk Phone

Polycom VVX 601

High End Desk Phone

Polycom IP5000 Conference Phone

Standard conference phone

Polycom IP 7000 Conference Phone

Advanced conference phone.

Yealink CP920 Conference Phone

Conference phone with advanced features.

2N IP Solo

Entry level Door Phone

2N IP Verso

Mid range door phone with options

2N IP Force

Rugged door phone.

Cisco SPA112

Make use of your old telephone devices.

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