2N Doorphones
Gone are the days of having the intercom in the corner of the office, that everybody has to run to answer! Incomes the Hosted VoIP doorphone – it rings your desk phone or your mobile. Also imagine the apartment block, you’re sitting comfortably in your chair or the bath and the doorphone, that’s out in the hall, rings – what a pain! With IP Doorphones, your phone rings – so you can answer it wherever you are [although we don’t recommend using your mobile in the bath, of course :-)]

It’s also worth noting that no door intercom system is ever the same. Depending on the requirement, they need 1 button to call reception or 40 button for an apartment block. We’re pleased to be able to support the 2N IP Verso, Solo and Force ranges. All of these have the ability to release a door by pressing numbers on your phone, meaning if you want to pop to the shops, you can open the door for Amazon and get them to leave your parcel!

The 2N range is fantastic, as they have ability to support almost any application – for example a programmable touchscreen that allows tenant names to be on display. Or as a standalone access control system too, allowing users with keyfobs, their phone or a pin code into the building? Or how about a camera, so you can see the end user?

Across the 2N range, there’s in excess of ten million different configurations for different scenarios, but they start from £830 + VAT.

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