Cisco ATA 112
The Cisco ATA, or Analogue Terminal Adapter is fantastic in situations where you need to keep that old analogue device; like a fax machine or a legacy modem system. We’ve used them, when for instance, the organisation has one of those floor standing copier/scanner/fax beasts and wants to carry on using the fax on it. The ATA simply connects to the internet on one side and provides a socket for your bog-standard phone on the other, and then your analogue device becomes part of your Hosted Voice system. In simple terms, you get a physical phone socket that your old device can plug in to and carry on regardless. Great stuff!

We wouldn’t recommend these where safety or security are an issue and they are not certified for use like this – say the fire alarm, the burglar alarm or the lift alarm. Whilst BT/Openreach are planning to turn off PSTN phone lines by 2025, there are much better solutions to work with, like 4G for these critical systems. For instance, on a lift, the alarm system will have a battery backup – but if it’s connected to your internet connection that doesn’t, and you have a power cut it won’t work.

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