Yealink CP920
The Yealink CP920 is a specifically designed conference phone, that allows whole rooms of people to be in touch with each other; boasting HD quality voice, the microphones pick up 20 feet, 360 degrees round the unit. In the middle of the conference table, it means everybody can hear and be heard at the other end.

It boasts a 3.1” 248×120 Black & White LCD screen, which is perfect for the use, as well as built in POE and WiFi, ensuring that it’ll connect to the internet whenever you are in your building. Although you can subscribe to our Call Recording service, which records all your calls online, for occasional use, you can pop a USB stick in the conference phone, and it’ll record your calls; ensuring there’s a permanent record of everything that was said. Some great features on this unit are Noise Proof and Noise Cancellation; the advanced audio technology means that noises such as air-conditioning and typing in the background are turned down, ensuring your conference is not uninterrupted.

Great in a conference centre, or even at a small meeting table, the CP920 is the perfect unit when lots of you need to stay in touch.

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