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Given everything 2020s thrown at us, keeping your team connected should be a top priority. Fortunately, you can do just that when you install a Virtual Private Network (VPN). This way, you can bridge the gap and link several networks together – even when you’re not in the same location. With many businesses forced to work from home due to COVID-19, we view a VPN installation as essential.


But why would I need to install a VPN?


When the country went into lockdown, all businesses were asked to work from home if they could. However, once home, some of our clients realised their critical misstep. Their team couldn’t access their shared folders or other crucial parts of their network. With some of their staff working as far away as 15 miles, this was a problem. They needed secure access to their server and this is when we suggested they install a VPN.


A VPN is one of the simplest ways to protect yourself online.


What does a VPN do?


A VPN can achieve several functions. It allows users from multiple locations to remotely access a private server – such as one used by a business. The server administrator can also designate access restrictions and more. One key factor about VPNs is that they are a great defence against real threats to your privacy.


When you install a VPN, you effectively mask your Internet Protocol (IP) address. This shields your location and business network from unscrupulous characters. We recommend doing so, especially if your server retains client information – such as banking details.


Whenever you connect to the internet, your internet service provider (ISP) has access to everything you send and receive. Sadly, unwanted characters have also found ways to view this information too. In fact, they can even track your movements through your localised IP address.


The World Wide Web? May as well be the Wild Wild West.


Doom and gloom aside, install a VPN if you can. This way, you can rest easy knowing that your data is encrypted from devious characters.


VPN Implemetation Services


Our reliable team use a range of technologies to create VPN’s. However, our favoured approach is OpenVPN technology. We use this as it’s a commercially viable solution and works in almost any situation. As always, we work closely with our clients to implement a solution which works best for their users.

Want to learn more about our awesome install VPN services? Give us a call on 01202 237374 and speak to one of our friendly experts today! You can also use the contact form below.

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