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Verstech is one of the South’s leading IT Support companies. Based in the coastal town of Poole, our team help business across Dorset – and at affordable prices too! So, if you have a problem. If no one else can help . . . and if you search for us . . . you should really hire Verstech.


Some businesses consider IT to be a necessary evil. The monster of the office – something to keep fed and happy to survive. Ignore IT and IT could swallow you and your team whole. Do the opposite? You could end up sinking hours of time into trying to unfreeze the beast or – god forbid – remedy IT of a virus.


This is where we come in. Verstech’s team of strategic and friendly folk will sort you out in record-breaking speed. We’ll soothe the beast with nary an issue and rid you and your staff of lost time. All so you can focus on accelerating your business’s growth and efficiency – with the backing of effective IT Support.


The Value of Verstech

IT tasks can not only prove irritating but time-consuming. For casual IT users, some issues can feel nigh-on-impossible. The beast just won’t back down. From running slow to closing documents, it can be a finicky fella. So why not relieve your employees of these unnecessary stresses? Verstech work quickly to resolve a multitude of issues. When it comes to IT support, we do our best to keep the beast at bay. This means:


Affordable aficionados

IT support can prove costly. You’re paying for a tailored service after all. Those pesky IT problems can be a devil to slay – yet they can vary so wildly. So why pay a premium for something your support isn’t encountering? Fortunately, unlike other IT companies, we’re always clear cut about how much a job might cost you. With us there are no hidden bills and better still, you don’t even need to take out a contract! Verstech offers Ad Hoc support on an hourly basis. Alongside this, we offer timebank support and a contractually managed IT support. By putting a support contract in place you ensure that you and your staff are covered at all times at a set price. With our earnings, we invest in the right people for the job. Our responsive team are skilled analysts with stellar training in the latest technology. All so we can get a handle on your latest IT scandal.


Back up!

The IT beast can prove truly unruly. From randomly shutting down to deleting important files to the blue screen of death – IT can be a terror. In such a situation, backing up can save you a lot of lost time (so much lost time).  Fortunately, our stellar IT support can see that you avert mortal peril. Steer to course as we resurrect your fallen files with our disaster recovery service. Better yet, we can put solutions in place that can see your staff work from anywhere – provided they have a computer!


Flexible fighters

The dreaded IT never sleeps but nor do our flexible fighters. I mean, we do, but we’re willing to make an exception or two. So, if you work outside the typical 9-5, we’re willing to work around it too – both before and after hours. Unlike most IT companies, our flexible approach is determined by your needs. This way, we can ensure you get the most out of the support service you’re paying for. We also like to give you and your employees a single point of contact for all IT issues. After all, wouldn’t you want a more grounded connection? Such a relationship allows us to work together quickly to resolve all your IT problems.


No nonsense jargon

There’s nothing worse than misunderstanding crucial elements of your business’s infrastructure – all because of the jargon it’s wrapped up in. Our team will do our best to discuss these issues in layman’s terms – without talking down to you. There’s only so much time in the world and we don’t see much point in being, “Jack of all trades – master of none”. We’d rather share our knowledge and reach a common ground with our clients. This way, we can hone in on what makes your business tick. Once there, we can help iron out any tech-based kinks you might be experiencing.


Sound security

Good cybersecurity is crucial to ensuring your business is protected from digital threats. Consider these issues the fleas of the beast. They might not be a physically big concern but they are legion. En masse, cyber-related problems can be highly problematic areas for business. Some of which, might be unrecoverable issues. Amongst some of the biggest threats this year are phishing, ransomware and cryptojacking. Not sure whether you’re doing everything you can to secure your network from pesky intruders? Don’t worry. We can help. Our experts are able to audit your system to ensure that you’re working at the best industry practice. Wherever necessary, we take remedial steps and will alert you of any risks that may come up.


Amongst Dorset’s leading IT support companies

At Verstech, we deliver secure IT support for those working across Dorset. From Ad-Hoc to contractual support, we’d be happy to back your business and secure your cyber space. Our experts will offer excellent and trustworthy advice too. So if you do come across a problem, simply get on the phone to your personal Named Account Manager. We’re on hand to help your business thrive and keep the necessary evil of the office monster tamed and at bay.

Want to learn more about our awesome business IT support in Dorset? Give us a call on 01202 237374 and speak to one of our friendly experts today! You can also use the contact form below.

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