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In today’s busy world, connection is high in demand. The vast majority of the global population want to stay connected whilst on the move. Now, unlimited instant messaging, social media and streaming are just a click away. All through our alternative mobile broadband services.

At Verstech we work with Vodafone and o2 networks to deliver our outstanding mobile broadband services. Through these, we host a range of data plans that are perfect for anyone who needs internet access whilst on the move.

Businesses – Students – Travellers – Short term lets – Backup users – Properties without a landline – Broadband on a boat (yup, we’ve done that)

Advantages of our mobile broadband services


Quick to set up

It even has significantly lower set-up costs.

Mobile broadband is great if you don’t want a landline installed, or can’t have a landline installed (think about that remote cabin in the woods). All you need is a mobile router, a data plan, and a signal and you’re off. With contracts starting from 30 days, it’s a perfect solution when you can’t get traditional broadband over a telephone line.


Extremely cost competitive

Featuring easy to navigate short-term contracts.

Provided you’re on the correct data plan – and implement data caps – you shouldn’t run into any nasty surprises. Better yet, unlike public WiFi, mobile broadband is data encrypted. So you needn’t worry about data interception from any pesky criminals.


Fibre Speeds

4G can be faster than most broadband services – and as fast as some fibre broadband too.

With our mobile broadband services, you’ll be going to the moon and back in no time. However, if you live out in the sticks, it might not be the best choice but it could still make for an ideal back-up should your conventional option fail.



Portability is perhaps the quintessential advantage of mobile broadband.

Once active, multiple devices can use a secure WiFi connection. So, wherever you’re on the go, our mobile broadband services can get those tunes flowing. Such entertainment can be a godsend for little ones during long drives or for those generally working on the move.


Reliable backup connect

Plan for days when the show goes wrong.

Sometimes traditional internet connections fail – it happens – but, in the words of the great band Queen, the show must go on! Our mobile broadband services make for a great temporary backup. Plus in the event of a failure, you can seamlessly switch from one connection to the other.


Support VoIP calls

In some cases, mobile broadband has negated the need for a physical telephone full stop!

In our experience, VoIP can work over mobile broadband (this is wholly dependent on the latency and speed of your connection). On the odd occasion, you might see it get a little choppy but this isn’t the norm.



Mobile Broadband Services

Keep connected. Keep it together.

Through Vodafone and o2, we deliver a range of secure mobile broadband services. Verstech is on hand to help you thrive and stay more connected than ever. If providers have told you that you’ve got a good signal outside, but not in, don’t fret. We’ve got roof-mounted aerials and other fancy gizmos to get the signal going again inside your building.

Want to learn more about the advantages of  our mobile broadband services? Give us a call on 01202 237374 and speak to one of our friendly experts today! You can also use the contact form below.

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