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Network support is one of the core services we offer here at Verstech, we believe that a lot, if not all IT solutions for business start with a solid network infrastructure. Whether it’s sending a printable document to the printer in a room of another part of your building, giving you extended control over your CCTV setup or having a strong WiFi connection across your premises, the possibilities with good networking solutions are endless.


What network support do Verstech Offer?



Network Planning Services


A network utopia is definitely possible with our network services, whether your increasing the capacity of your existing network or looking to create an awesome wireless network, we are on hand to assist you with all of this. When we visit your premises it will be free no obligation chat where we can give you some handy advice on the network solutions that best suit your business. We’ll then discuss a fixed quote based on your requirements which the price will stay the same for unless you make some radical changes to your needs.


Networking Equipment.


We can give you the best advice on a network kit suitable for your business. We do have some brands that we recommend over others however at the end of the day usually comes down to the comparison of price vs features and stability. We always give you the best solutions based on the job. If the quote is not quite how you hoped, you can always look to scaling back some of the features and benefits. We’ll be very honest if this will make you lose any functionality as part of our network support and advice.


Wi-Fi Planning


There is so much to consider when it comes to Wi-Fi, including how many access points to have and also where is best to place them. We analyse and heatmap your business building to help find the weak points and use this information to plan accordingly.


Network Cabling


It;’s important to know exactly what it is you are planning when you want to cable a building for data. Verstech will work with the best suppliers and installers to get a great solutions that works best for your business.


Want to learn more about our awesome network support vservices? Give us a call on 01202 237374 and speak to one of our friendly experts today! You can also use the contact form below.

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