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At VERSTECH we’re all about providing IT solutions that work based on your actual requirements, rather than just what we think you need.

Our offices are based in the sunny (well some of the time) Dorset coastal town of Poole, but we support customers all over the country, pretty darn cool eh?

Unlike other IT companies, we try to not take ourselves to seriously. We try and keep the tech lingo to a minimum and explain solutions in simple ways, which you can actually understand! Let’s be honest, when you get a tradie at your premises and they start talking about stuff you have no idea about, you get bored pretty quickly (and usually end up with something you don’t want! – no offence tradies).
The great thing is when we’ve installed the solution, we don’t run away and hide either. We have offer full IT support services to keep your new solution running at its optimum performance. The team are pretty extremely clued up, are extremely geeky (in a nice way of course) and of course friendly. I mean who doesn’t like a friendly geek… seriously?!

We offer a whole host* (excuse the technical pun there) of IT services in Dorset, Hampshire, and beyond which can keep your business running smoothly.

* a host is a store (a website or other data) on a server or other computer so that it can be accessed over the Internet. (see we told you we didn’t just chuck technical lingo at you without explaining it).

Our IT Services


whether it be a cool new computer, or a business workhorse, we can advise you on the best solution, set it up and install it for you. We can even copy all your old stuff across (queue up pictures from 1997..).

IT Support

first class, epic IT support in Dorset, Hampshire and beyond (we’re biased of course) but with all of clients singing our praises it’s hard not to be big headed about it! Since starting VERSTECH we’ve not actually lost a managed support client, so we’re pretty proud of that (go on, we challenge you to be the first to leave*).

*please dont


we’re not talking about those breakfasts or networking events, we’re talking about digital things communicating with each other. Whether you’re looking for a simple office network, or a complete building, or several buildings, we’ve got the skills to get something that’s right for your business. Wired or Wireless we’re here for you.


Virtual Private Networks (VPN’s as they’re known technically) are pretty rad. They allow you to access your company resources wherever (providing there’s internet of course, they’re not telepathic – that would be soooo cool). Whether you’re looking to setup a remote user, or join buildings together, we can sort you out.


George Orwell eat your heart out. We can provide you with a complete CCTV solution across Dorset, Hampshire and beyond, which are remotely accessible. With a range of devices and install options, the solutions are endless. Whether you’re looking for something new, or to expand what you’ve got, let us help!

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Shared Internet & CCTV Bournemouth
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