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Looking for that awesome new computer? Server for the office? Tablet for the mobile workforce or laptop, well you know, just because?

At Verstech the team are well versed in technology. We’ll work with you to understand what your business requirement is and find a device which will work for you. We’re a fan of refurbished kit too, to reduce the total price. Did you know that some refurb kit even comes with a 3-year warranty?

Things to think about when
you are choosing your
new hardware:

  • Warranty

    Does the device come with a warranty which is going to suit your business? The most common type of warranty is RTB (Return to Base). This means that you have to get the device back to the supplier which can mean several weeks without your device . There are a whole host of warranty options available with different manufactures / suppliers such as NBD Onsite (Next Business Day Onsite) which will mean that an engineer will come to your offices and fix your device, hopefully meaning you are back up and running quicker!

  • What processing power you actually require

    it’s pointless buying a device with high processing power if you’re just looking to carry out everyday tasks such as browsing the internet, and carrying out work in documents, presentations or spreadsheets.

  • What RAM / Memory you require

    Think of RAM / memory as the devices multitasking capacity. A higher amount of RAM allows you to have more applications open at once without the device deciding to take a tea break.

  • What storage you require

    Flash or SSD (Solid State Drive) storage is currently the quickest storage you can get for a reasonable price. Quite simply replacing the hard drive in your device with an SSD can speed up even the oldest of devices! Just bear in mind that SSD storage is a bit more expensive than the old fashioned mechanical hard drives!

  • Screen size

    They say it’s all about size, but we’re more of a fan of how you use it! Let’s be honest if you’re a mobile worker, unless there is a specific use case for it, you’re not going to be wanting to lug around a laptop with a 17” screen are you? Think about the screen size when you buy a device and make sure that it’s going to work for YOU!

  • Battery Life – are you on the road a lot?

    Is one of your requirements that you are going to be away from power for prolonged periods? Make sure that the battery in your new device is going to be adequate for your usage!

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