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One of the core components to a Business IT solution is its network infrastructure.

Allowing endless possibilities such as sending a print job to a printer in another room, distributing media to televisions, extending CCTV control, creating a Wi-Fi network which is accessible all over your premises. The list goes on and on and on and on…… (like our Technical Director).

We’ve created some pretty awesome networks over the years, using a multitude of different technologies.

network planning services

Looking to build network utopia? How about adding some extra network points, or capacity, to your existing network? Or looking to create that awesome wireless network? Our team can help you with all of this, and basically anything networky.
We’ll come to site for a FREE NO OBLIGATION chat and give you some thoughts about what you could do. We can then provide you with a full quote for the work. We pride ourselves on our fixed price quoting. Providing that you don’t radically change your requirements, the price we give, is the price you’ll pay. There’s nothing worse than run away IT spend by your supplier is there?

Networking Equipment

We’re pretty easy when it comes to network kit. There of course are brands we prefer to work with, but we know that at the end of the day it comes down to the usual comparison of price vs features and stability. We’ll always give you what we think is the best solution for the job. We completely understand that this is very cost driven, so if when you see the quote, we can always look again to features and benefits – perhaps by scaling the solution back, but we’ll always explain what functionality you’ll lose out on so that it’s your decision, and you know what you’re getting.

Wi-Fi Planning

Wi-Fi is always a funny beast. There are so many environmental factors to consider when implanting a Wi-Fi solution, especially how many wireless access points to have, and where to put them. For a full survey, we heatmap buildings to find the weak points, and plan accordingly. There is also the functionality that you require from your Wi-Fi – do you need to provide guest access separate from your network? Do you need to limit the speed at which anyone on the network can use?… and more.

Network Cabling

If you’re looking to cable a building for data, it’s important that you’ve taken everything into consideration when you’re planning. You might find that you get given buzzwords like CAT5e vs CAT6 & CAT6A, Fibre, Fibre Cores, Fibre Modes, Patch leads and more banded around when you start talking to networking companies. We’ll help you navigate through these terms, and work with suppliers and installers to get a solution that works for you.

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