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Not gonna lie, VPN’s are pretty cool things. They stand for Virtual Private Networks. If you want to take it to a basic level, they allow networks to be linked together, even if they’re not in the same location.

If you had a server in your office in London, and users in California (yeah I know how cool would an office in The O.C be?) needed secure access to this server and data on it, you’d want them to be able too, wouldn’t you?


What’s all this VPN jazz?

You could create a VPN between each location which would allow the users in California to access the server and data just as if they were in the office in London – pretty damn rad right? You could also give users who work remotely access too on a user by user basis!

Most people think that VPN technology is really expensive and that they wouldn’t be able to afford this type of connectivity in their SME. That’s totally not the case!

VPN Planning Services

All of our VPN services come with Requirements Analysis and Project Management as standard. So why not let us sift through the requirements with you and implement a solution which is going to work for your organisation? We’ll always bear in mind the growth factor so don’t worry about putting in a solution which won’t allow you to expand as a business.

VPN Implementation Services

We use a range of technologies to create VPN’s, like IPSec, but our favoured approach is using OpenVPN technology. It’s OpenSource, a commercially viable solution and works in almost any situation [we’ve not found one yet where it didn’t]. We always work with the client to implement a solution which will work for their users and be completely manageable.

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