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Everyone hates having lots of keys right? Think about your average business building, you’ve got to think about keys for the front door, keys for the back door, keys for the cupboard door. Plus then you have to think about the alarm panel, heating controllers and about 50 other keys to access the building. Don’t even get started thinking of the absolute nightmare it will be if one of your staff member manages to “mislay” their set of keys, just expect to be spending your next 3 weeks changing all locks for the building and supplying new keys. Is there a solution avoid this horrible mess? Let Verstech introduce you to Paxton access control systems.

What are Paxton Access Control Systems?


At a basic level a Paxton NET2 system allows you to integrate with nearly every other system which means you can manage keyfobs, keycards, tokens etc all from one place. It can even be wireless if you prefer!


The Benefits:


  • Allow users though doors at times you set.
  • Works well for disabled users with a hands free or long rage add-ons.
  • Stop users being able to access a floor of the building or test fire alarms when needed.
  • Easily log employees working hours.
  • Can work happily with CCTV systems for extra security.
  • Turn the heating on automatically when the first person arrives at the building in the morning and also turn off once the last person leaves.
  • Automatic number plate recognition and keyfob readers, eliminating potential security risks.

Want to learn more about our awesome Paxton access control systems? Give us a call on 01202 237374 and speak to one of our friendly experts today! You can also use the contact form below.

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