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Security and IT together? Really? But my alarm/fire bloke does CCTV and door security, so why would you get an IT company to do it? If you think about most modern CCTV or door security systems, they are just specialist devices on your network like a printer that talks to your PC. And that means that IT companies like Verstech are best placed to get the most out of any system; as we can install, configure and commission CCTV & door security systems as part of your overall network and get it talking to your other systems. It’s also much cheaper and simpler to install – if you’ve got your network all over your building already, instead of running dozens of CCTV or access control cables to one location, these “joined up” systems can make use of the existing cabling.

Paxton NET2

Paxton Access’ fantastic range of networked access control products.


George Orwell eat your heart out! CCTV solutions starting from just £250.00.

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Shared Internet Exeter
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