I spy with my little eye, something beginning with… Well actually a lot of options!

CCTV is very bespoke depending on your requirement, and what you require it to do!

The basics you’re going
to need:

  • An NVR (network video recorder) or DVR (digital video recorder), or a hybrid NVR (combines both NVR and DVR)
  • Cabling
  • An internet connection for remote viewing
  • Cameras
  • Somebody to make everything talk

Things to think about when choosing a CCTV system:

The Video Recorder – Do I go NVR or DVR?

You’re going to need to think about the sort of technology you want in your camera system. Do you want to run on new IP technology, or the older but still widely used, DVR technology? IP offers many more advantages, such as image quality, and functions like ANPR, but does come at a higher cost, however investing in this technology will allow futureproofing. There are hybrid options which means you can use your old BNC cameras, with new IP cameras (pretty good eh?).

Storage – at what quality do you want to store the recordings, and for how long do you need to store the recordings for? A lot of the video recorders which we fit do allow you to put additional storage in at a later date if you do decide to add additional cameras to your CCTV setup.

The cameras – IP or BNC?

Depending on which Video Recorder you’ve chosen will influence which cameras you can use. There are so many options for cameras, so you really do need to think of the use case. Are you looking for something which is going to see for a distance in the dark? Do you require something that’s going to pick up a car registration plate? Do you require something which is discreet? Do you require the camera to have anti-vandal features?

The cabling

When it comes to cabling the cameras, you can use CAT5e or CAT6 / CAT6a cable specification for both IP and BNC installs. The only difference is that for BNC cameras you’re going to need some adapters and a separate power supply for the cameras.

Somebody to make
everything talk

Don’t worry we’re not suggesting that you have a counselling session with your new CCTV system. But if the cameras aren’t talking to the video recorder and vice versa, then you’re going to have a big problem! Our team have the necessary skills to get you all setup – awesome huh!

An internet connection for
remote viewing

Remote viewing is pretty cool, especially if your site is miles away and you need to keep an eye on things. With a simple mobile app for Android or Apple devices you can monitor your cameras on the move. There is also a CCTV app for Windows and Mac which keeps all bases covered.

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