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Award winning access control for it’s versatility, scalability, multi- configurable and sleek appearance.”

Verstech are an authorised installer of Paxton NET2 – bringing you the all singing, all dancing and very best technology to make the security management of your property very simple and hassle free.  Net2 Plus by Paxton is a networked access control system, or to put it simply, a one stop shop for all your property security. The Net2 Plus security system can be administered using one or more PCs and can be monitored and managed from one location. It is a complete solution that encompasses wireless technology and door entry. 

This expertly designed technology, accompanied with local authorized installers gives you the reassurance you have the crème de la crème to supply and carry out the works on your property. You will receive a first class service and support with any further requirements you may need as your business needs change. 

Core Benefits of NET2

Easily scalable depending on your future needs 

Intuitive software beyond the basics of ‘locking or unlocking a door’ 

No more concerns about missing keys and the expense of replacing them   

No more locksmith costs or changing locks 

Apply restrictions immediately from a device 

Download the app to your smartphone, tablet, or browser 


Get real-time updates and location information on users 

Resiliency safely- ‘Roll Call’. Users can mark themselves ‘safe’ or call using the app in an emergency 

All panels available in flush, surface and rain-hood versions – suitable for a range of environments 

Suitable for any industry or environment and fully waterproof . Long range readers available 

Verstech take care of full project management; design, ordering to on site installation and testing

NET2 I/O Board

For starters, what is it?! A NET I/O Board is a physical piece of hardware which enables you to control other parts of your property. The I/O board connects directly to an ethernet network which the Net2 Software is on so it can be controlled via the Paxton. Once installed and configured to your requirements, this now allows you to control heating, lighting, lifts and so forth in your building and lead to savings on your bills. We think this is a remarkable piece of kit and can easily scale and change with your requirements.

But I’m unsure if Net2 Plus or the Wireless Paxlock is most suitable? 

There are multiple arguments for both systems but the way we think about it is that if you want to enhance your internal security to restrict access i.e. HR offices, MD’s office, then Paxlock would be ideal. However, if you wanted to upgrade the secuirty of your extranal/main extrance doors then Net2 Plus has many more features to suit your requirements.  Net2 Plus can also be used for car park shutters, integrate with your other systems; ‘i.e. CCTV, fire and intruder alarms.

Some of our clients even use it to record time and attendance management; who is in/out of the building and what times, lift control, light and heating management; if no one is an office then the lights will turn off (saving money!!) The list is features really are extensive. 

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