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If you own a business and you’re not aware of the advantages of VoIP, you might want to change that. In short, “Voice Over IP” allows you to take phone calls over the internet instead of traditional means. This can give you a host of advantages, some of which, we’ll detail below:

Lower costs

All businesses, whether virtual or otherwise, like the opportunity to reduce costs and save on their monthly commitments wherever possible. One way you can potentially do this is by adopting a VoIP system.

Traditionally, a business could only install so many phone lines before their costs skyrocketed. This was especially the case if they regularly made long-distance phone calls. So, let’s break down exactly why it might have cost so much:



Analogue phones are a costly undertaking. Especially if the business needed a private branch exchange (PBX). This connected each and every phone in an office for transferable purposes.


Copper wiring charges

Businesses would need to invest in the installation and maintenance of copper wiring. Otherwise, their office buildings couldn’t host phone lines.


Calling expenses

Providers would typically charge for each minute of call time. With each business housing a dozen (or more) members of staff, you can see how that might prove costly.

However, with the introduction of VoIP – this has become a thing of the past. VoIP’s only rolling costs come from your internet service provider (ISP) and the VoIP service itself (we even chuck in a whole load of free calls with our VoIP packages). All you really need is a device (phone, tablet, desktop, laptop) and an internet connection.


Get Ahead of the Game

The Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN) is aging and will reach the end of life in December 2025. With that in mind, the traditional telephone will be swapped out for a VoIP service. Our VoIP service is completely in line with this and you can make sure you’re all sorted way before the switch over happens.


Increased Accessibility

Connection is the aim of the game in the digital age and your business is no exception. We want to help you get on board, or you could risk falling behind. With VoIP, however, you needn’t worry about flagging or your competitors getting the better of you. VoIP allows you to stay on top of your calls with rerouting functionality. Out of the office? Simply transfer your calls to a colleague. Still need to take the call? Then download a software app and make your VoIP calls mobile. This remote accessibility allows your business to be a flexible enterprise that can shift with the times. However, advantages can come with their own disadvantages – right? Not exactly. With VoIP, you have:


Increased Security

Businesses are inundated with fraudulent calls from criminals utilising social engineering. However, hosted VoIP providers pre-empt security threats using advances in IP technology.


Increased Functionality

Conference calls are no longer an extra fee. With VoIP, they’re simplified. They even allow for interactivity such as the transferal of various media, mid-call.


Increased Scalability

Expansion has never been easier. VoIP systems allow you to add or remove a new line. So, if you’ve hired a new employee or are downsizing, you’ll only ever pay for what you use.


Increased Integration

Your business may already host a selection of systems and technologies. Fortunately, VoIP is ready to integrate with existing business systems and IT infrastructures.


Increased ease-of-configuration

VoIP is easy-to-use. Maintenance is simplified and the whole process is virtually plug in and play. It’s rare that you’d need professional support or a technician on hand.


And so much more!

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