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VoIP Phone Systems: “Voice Over IP” – also referred to as an internet or broadband phone – offers crystal clear connections to businesses of all sizes. With it, you can communicate online for free or to landlines at exceedingly lower rates. 

Why Switch to a VoIP Phone System?

VoIP is a cheaper and hassle-free approach to telecommunications. It’s a far easier phone system to set up, which means you could save on engineering fees. You also have the opportunity to slash a variety of costs associated with landlines. Call charges are much lower and you won’t need to fork out a small fortune to fit phone lines or specialist hardware. Plus, with a VoIP phone system, you can still communicate with traditional phone lines.

To make the switch, all you really need is a device, a headset and an internet provider.

Sounds Too Good to be True . . . How Does It Work?

Traditional telephone calls are provided by phone companies who utilise “land-lines”. This telephone infrastructure physically crisscrosses the country. Whereas VoIP uses a different form of communication altogether – called a ‘codec’. This transmits and receives conversations between colleagues, customers and suppliers. Codecs compress and convert your voice signals into data, which it exchanges online. Picture them as a postman and switchboard operator rolled into one. Only they can get the job done in a matter of milliseconds. VoIP phone systems allow you to chat to Clarissa down the hall by tapping into your Local Area Network (LAN). However, you can also contact Chris 200 miles away using an Internet Protocol (IP) connection instead.

It Sounds a Little . . . Different?

Not really! VoIP phone systems are simply a much cheaper alternative. In fact, certain models look almost identical to typical headsets. Plus, VoIP retains all their key features. That’s right, you can still use voicemail and transfer calls – VoIP just digitises the process! Better yet, VoIP services based in the cloud have access to a wide range of additional services. These include things such as call recording and video calling. Also, if you don’t mind going digital, VoIP allows you to install apps on mobile devices or computers. This way, your old devices needn’t go to waste and you’re not only saving money but doing your bit for the planet too!

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