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Think of a VoIP voice system as a phone call delivered to your desk or pc over the internet, because in the simplest terms that is exactly what it is! All you need is a decent internet connection (if not we can help you with that – please see here). Verstech are very proud of our hosted VoIP services, it makes things cheaper and easier for our clients.

The benefits of a Verstech Hosted Voice VoIP System:

• Quick to set up, should only take a few hours max!
• Unlimited Channel, you no longer will be tied up by many ISDN lines.
• Unlimited UK Landline and Mobile calls.
• You can easily scale your services if anything changes in the future.
• Inbound and Outbound numbers for all situations in the UK.
• You can easily manage your users and call routing yourself. Our team can also assist you with this.
• An Incredible 99.9% Uptime rate
• You can forward your calls elsewhere quickly and easily.
• You can set your own outbound caller ID (Subject to checks first).
• Verstech can port at least 95 of UK phone numbers.
• Standard of a 1 year warranty although some of our manufacturers offer up to 7!
• Set a flexible contract to suit you.
• It all comes in one bill – much less confusing!
• You can set up alerts for calls that could be potentially expensive. – Export the data to CSV.

Want to learn more about our awesome VoIP services? Give us a call on 01202 237374 and speak to one of our friendly experts today! You can also use the contact form below.

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