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Recognise, authenticate and authorise entry.

Want to effectively protect the privacy of your business? Implement an effective access control system. This is all well said and done – but you might not be fully aware of what one actually is. So to that end, what is it and why is it so beneficial for a modern-day business to secure their facility using one?


What is an access control system?

Limit and grant authorised personnel entry to sensitive areas.

An access control system is as simple as it sounds – the sophisticated system limits or “controls” who is able to access your building. In fact, there’s a strong likelihood that you’ve stumbled upon one of these in the past without even realising it! Public access control systems utilise things like remote keys, keypads or key cards for places like cars, flats or workplaces. However, access control doesn’t just prevent who enters or leaves a premises – it also monitors when and who too. Computer-based electronic systems keep this on file for security to scrutinise later on. It might seem a little bit Big Brother but in the event of an attempted break-in, it could prove indispensable to investigators.


In its simplest form, an access control system can work like this:

  1. A member of personnel presents their credentials to a card reader.
  2. The reader forwards the credentials to a control panel or access control unit.
  3. The control unit processes the request and compares the credentials with a control list.
    1. If the credentials do not match those on the list, the door remains locked.
    2. If the credentials match, the control panel sends a signal and unlocks the door.
  4. The system logs both acceptances and rejections in the database.


Is it absolutely necessary that you learn about the ins and outs of access control systems? Not necessarily. However, access control systems can prove challenging to manage in dynamic IT environments. Especially considering they involve on-premises systems and cloud services to run. So if you find yourself running into any issues with your system, just know that we not only offer installation services but ad-hoc IT support too. For more on Verstech’s IT support, click here.


Paxton Net2

An elegant approach to access control systems.

For over 30 years, this UK-based company has created innovative security solutions. With Paxton’s Net2, you can easily note and report events and flexibly control who is permitted to enter your premises. The networked access control and door entry system also allows you to designate entry for elected areas within it too. Restrict staff to certain departments or permit access at certain times or dates. We can also install Paxton on your lift too – we regularly encounter offices which a lift opens out into and this obviously needs to be controlled.


A reinterpretation on the lock and key.

The Net2 offers centralised administration and control of sites using its cutting edge system. In just a few clicks, you can quickly tailor access privileges to groups or individuals with ease. The same functionality applies to visitors or temporary staff. Net2 is also an impressive HR tool, which provides attendance reporting for staff. Better yet, everything can be automatically monitored and logged for future reference. Both the software and hardware is easy to install and user friendly. Designed to make management simple, you can control entry from a centralised PC. With Net2, you can control individual external doors or internal doors with ease. If you use Net2 Professional, you also get a mobile app you can use. Paxton’s new Access Control system, Paxton 10, is also available which includes mobile apps, web apps, and a nice integration with fire and security products. Paxton 10 also gives you out of the box functionality to open doors with smart devices like your phone or watch!


What works with an access control system?

Security + IT = a whole lot of sense.

On top of its sophisticated software, Paxton’s access control system can be linked to a wide variety of hardware. Verstech are proud to be authorised installers of Paxton’s access control systems.


Access Control

Control who has access to your building.

These networked systems give you central access control for your building. Easily note and report events and flexibly control who can enter your premises. Better yet, each control unit can be autonomous. Despite being part of your network they can independently make their own decisions. Which means they can also remember events.


Wireless Door Handles

PaxLock is the next evolution of door handle.

Capable of being utilised as a standalone element or as part of a networked system, wireless door handles is a simple concept. It offers the same security and convenience as a wired access control system. However, it features the additional flexibility of being wireless. Less cabling means less disruption and lower installation costs.


Door Entry

The complete door entry solution.

Recognise a visitor calling at your main entrance. Upon approaching your building, visitors call via the bell button on the external panel. This device contains either a microphone or camera and will transmit this information to your control room. Once you verify that you recognise the caller, you can grant or deny them access.


Video Surveillance

An effective determent against security violations.

Video surveillance allows cameras to monitor and automatically transmit to a recording device. This form of security is a common means of deterring criminal activity. Yet businesses don’t just want to prevent miscreants, they must also be able to “rewind time” so they can prove the burglar’s culpability in court.


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